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Physical Education

Physical Education at Stevenson is also designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to self-assess, create and conduct personal fitness programs. The teacher directly supervises participation in the gymnasium or in the field and serves as both facilitator and instructor working to individualize programs for students. Fitness testing is used to establish individual baseline levels for designing fitness programs, to show improvement, and to provide students with personal information. Physical activities and team sports offered are safe and developmentally appropriate, ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all students. Physical Education classes meet daily.



The yoga program at Stevenson aims to provide the tools for a lifelong yoga practice. This course is designed to increase students’ strength, balance, flexibility and focus while helping to alleviate the effects of stress through breath and the mind-body connection. Students also learn Sanskrit terms and phrases and the history and philosophy of yoga.


Health and Wellness

The Health and Human Body curriculum includes subjects such as drugs and alcohol, smoking, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality and many health-related concerns. Each area is designed so that students feel comfortable asking questions and discussing current issues pertinent to their lives. All students attend an outdoor education program. We currently use the most modern equipment to aid in a thorough examination of health issues including laboratory and computer activities, PowerPoint presentations, and demonstration lessons. The goal of this course is to inform students so they can make the best possible decisions throughout their life.


As an integral part of the total education process, the Stevenson athletic program makes a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of our students.  The athletic program helps develop the student-athlete through education and competition, as well as stimulate a lasting attitude of discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership and social-responsibility. Stevensons Athletic Program is an enduring source of pride for the student population, student-athletes, parents, alumni, school and community.


Stevenson offers an athletic program for all its students. The school currently supports co-ed varsity soccer, boys varsity basketball, girls basketball, co-ed track and co-ed softball teams.


The vision of the Athletic Department at Robert Louis Stevenson is to provide student-athletes an environment that promotes and supports academic, athletic and personal achievement, to field athletic teams to perform at competitive levels, to utilize highly qualified coaches, dedicated support staff, and administrative personnel to help individuals become better students and athletes, and to prepare student-athletes to make transitions to the next level of participation academically and athletically.