A Field Trip Inspired by The Crucible

Spellbound by The Crucible, Stevenson theater students took a field trip to the New York Historical Society to see the exhibit The Salem Witch Trials: Reckoning and Reclaiming.

Upon returning to Stevenson, students shared their impressions:

  • “My favorite part of the trip was looking at a photo of a woman named Leonore and analyzing the traits that could make her accused of being a witch. She had a black cape, a bow, and a fearless facial expression. She also claimed that witchcraft is discriminatory and wanted to make people aware of the issue. I think I'd be accused if I were alive during this era because I'm extraverted, emotional, and sometimes defensive. At the same time, I'd also probably try to figure out the science behind what happened in Salem.”

  • "The exhibit was so beautifully set up, it wasn't very big but the content really made up for it. The artifacts from the actual trials were really cool and in pretty good shape. I did NOT know that Elizabeth was John Proctor's third wife! I really liked the chest owned by the Osborn family. Sarah Osborn was one of the first accused in Salem by the girls."

  • "My favorite item was John Proctor's sundial. It's amazing how well all the items and information were preserved. I really liked the immersion of the Salem witch exhibit with all the sounds and lighting, it was very impressive. The section with modern witches speaking about their experiences and opinions about the Salem trials were also nice to see."

  • "One thing i did notice though, is the visuals. they were practical and really set the mood. it was interactive and fun."

Caitlin Terry